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Quick Programming Guide Light Switch Timer

Light Switch Timer – Quick programming guide

The clocks have changed and the nights are dark. Its time to secure your home easily with our quick programming guide for your light switch timer.

Do your part, be security smart. Quickly programme your light switch timer

Light switch timer – quick programming guide

Protecting the things that matter most to you and your family when it matters the most. Take a look at the following post to find out how we look after you.

Setting the clock – quick programming guide

  • press enter – then use the day/ hour / min buttons till correct time is displayed.
  • Press enter


  • Press prog button select the day / hour /min you want the light(s) to turn on – press enter
  • Then select the day / hour /min you want it to turn off – press enter
  • Press prog to complete

*To select multiple days continue pressing the day button. You can select groups of days so a single program can turn lights on every day at the same time.

*Repeat for as many programs as you want.


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I Was Burgled – What Should I Do?

Though they can be difficult to identify there are usually subtle signs that indicate our homes are being targeted by burglars. It’s never nice to know that someone unwanted has been through our peaceful abode and sometimes the damage can be detrimental to us. It is important to understand that burglars have a strong tendency to scope out a neighbourhood or a particular home in detail before planning their attacks so remaining vigilant is a must. Here a three potential signs that your home could be targeted.

Strange vehicles

Cars and vans with dark tinted windows are most frequently used in burglaries. Strange vehicles continuously doing rounds of a street or neighbourhood at odd times can be a clear sign that something is out of the ordinary. To initially find a suitable target burglars will identify the weakest homes. Once identified you may find that these vehicles are then parked nearby or simply continue to return during random periods of the day and night. There main aim is to identify the occupant’s routines. The neighbourhood watch should remain vigilant and inform one another of their suspicions.

Individuals out of place

An individual jogging or walking down the street for exercise purposes is usually dressed in suitable exercise attire i.e. they fit the profile of a jogger, and their intentions are clearly displayed to any onlooker; likewise someone walking their dog will be nicely wrapped up and casually walking. Most individuals act in a manner appropriate to their intentions and burglars are no different. If you find an individual has suddenly started to take walks down your street paying close attention to yours and other homes then you can be sure they are not there to simply stretch their legs. It’s important to observe their actions and identify the patterns or frequency of their stroll down your street. If they walk slowly taking particular care to intently observe surrounding areas during different periods of the day then take precautions as they may be looking for patterns and vulnerabilities in your routine.

Individuals approaching your home

To invite a stranger into your home under their pretence of offering a service or doing a job can be very dangerous. We often find that burglars use a range of aliases to enter a home and get a better view from the inside. They come in the form of handy men and door to door sales people and even police who take the opportunity to enter a home and identify the best possible targets. It’s very important that you always ask for identification. If you find that an individual has made a second return to your home without being invited and with no particular reason then you can be pretty confident they returned assuming you would not be home. They will not hesitate to quickly leave however details of the encounter should be passed on to the police and the neighbourhood watch as suspicious activity.

There is no way to guarantee that your home will not be burgled however appropriate steps can be taken to substantially reduce that risk. Remaining observant is one of the simplest ways to avert a burglary and close communication with your neighbours ensures collectively you’re all vigilant together.

Burglars have a tendency to strike during the day when induvial are at work / school and late at night. Remaining observant must be matched by not giving away too much information. Take special care not to leave an obvious routine or pattern for potential burglars to use against you. According to the London Metropolitan Police lighting is the strongest measure that deters burglars. Ensure your home is well lit when you’re away with handy products like the light switch timer – a digital timer that that programmes your main lights to switch on in accordance to your specified timetable or the fake TV  certainly help –

Deterring a burglar is the best way to ensure you’re not burgled.

Winter Burglary Season Has Started

The winter burglary season is once again here.
The clocks have gone back, halloween been and gone, Bonfire Night and christmas round the corner
Burglaries and malicious domestic damage increases by 160 per cent during this time with – with Bonfire Night statistically the worst night of the year for burglaries and car theft, research has shown.
Think about it, the dark nights, fancy dress costumes, noise big bangs, highlighting the the importance of keeping your home protected.
This is probably why so many people are buying sime timer switches for thie lights when they are away.
winter burglary
Guy Fawkes Night or as majority of Britain know it Bonfire Night is celebrated every year on November 5th dating back to 1605, when a plot to blow up King James I along with his ministers and Westminster Abbey by gunpowder was uncovered.
Guy Fawkes and his co conspirators were all arrested and executed but this day became a National Fireworks day since than, celebrated by fireworks in back gardens or local parks by boroughs.
Bonfire night and Halloween make it busiest period of the year for Police, with increase in complaints and reported burglaries, Police issue extra warning during this period for staying safe and avoiding potential break-ins.
Thier advice is to keep lights on when leaving the home to give an impression that someone is home to avoid any mishap. Leaving lights on all day may sound like an easy solution but other then the waste in energy a visible light to a burglar during the day is a clear sign you’re out.
To reduce the risk of burglary take a look at our burglary avoidance tips.

8 Burglary Facts – Change Your Mind Set

Everyday life continues day by day with the vast majority of us thinking nothing bad could ever possibly happen. If a crime is committed we watch or hear about it and then move on with our lives. However according to some insurance companies a large proportion of us are careless about looking after ourselves and our properties.

One – A figure that will you shock you is that an astonishing 64% of people attaining property insurance admit that they do not always lock their front door and windows when heading out. The most common entry point is an open window or unlocked front door.

Two – A distinctive statement that burglars have been known to make is that burglar alarms are hugely ignored and unarmed most of the time. People can be naïve in thinking they will never need it with 34% in a poll admitting their alarm doesn’t get used. In addition in a separate poll another 33% of homeowners admitted that they ignore any sounding alarms in the street.

Three – The most common target for burglars is a semi-detached (38%) bricked (51%) house occupied by a family with young children. The house has three bedrooms and is situated in an urban location (59%). A garden at the back of the house (82%), approximately 160 sq m and surrounded by fencing (66%). Usually with no garage (63%) at the property but there is one car sitting on the drive (32%)

Four – Only 22% of burglaries happen when the property is occupied so any measures that can be taken should be. Even small measures such as keeping your keys away from letter boxes and leaving a radio in inside can easily defend your home. And of course not leaving lights on during the day advertising that you are out and won’t be back till after dark.

Five – The cost of repairing the damage and replacing the stolen goods costs on average £1,730 – very few ever getting their stolen goods back.

Six – It isn’t uncommon for a burglar to hit the same house more than once. After all, they know the vulnerabilities, may have keys and are expecting you to replace your stolen items with an insurance claim. If you’re the victim of a break-in, improve your home security, if you haven’t don’t wait until you are!!

SevenUnfortunately, burglaries are hard to solve. Three out of four crimes are going unsolved, the lowest clear-up rate for five years. So your chances of recovering your property are even less likely to happen.

Eight – Burglary rates are likely to be under reported. Many burglaries are not reported either because they may be very minor or the victim doesn’t want to bother the police.  Sometimes victims are insured and so doesn’t see the point in reporting the crime.

The lessons, do the obvious easy things to protect your home,

  • Lock windows and doors.
  • Use your alarm
  • Keep sheds and gates locked
  • Use a when its dark