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Switched on Products takes Gold Award for Best New Security Product at Totally DIY

Switched on Products took the Gold Award for Best New Security Product at this year’s Totally DIY show with its revolutionary security device, impressing the judges with its ease of installation and simplicity.

The Light Switch Timer not only provides an effective means of protecting property and dissuading criminal activity, but it also uses smart technology to ensure low energy consumption and easy DIY installation. It has also achieved Police security standards accreditation through the ‘Secured by Design’ anti-crime initiative.

Nectar Business Awards

Nectar Innovation of the Year Award 2016

Naiem Dakri, founder of Essex business, Switched On Products, has beaten off hundreds of UK small businesses to be shortlisted in the eighth national Nectar Business Small Business Awards.

Switched On Products is just weeks away from finding out if it will win the Innovation of the Year category, for its flagship product, the Light Switch Timer. It will be judged by a panel of business experts and led by one of the UK’s leading business women, consumer champion and BBC ‘Dragon’, Sarah Willingham.

The Essex-based company behind the Light Switch Timer has been shortlisted for the innovation of the year – After its initial launch the product has been widely received winning industry awards and gaining Police Secure by Design Accreditation via the Association of Chief Police Orifices (ACPO) crime prevention initiative.

With recent Home Office crime figures revealing that four out of five burglaries take place when no-one is home, the advice by police and security experts is to fit homes with timer lights when they’re empty and in darkness.

“The problem I personally found with using lamps on timer plugs was that the light given off didn’t look realistic, making it look more obvious that no one was home”, says Naiem Dakri, director of Switched-On Products.  “Unfortunately, the timers which fitted onto wall light sockets needed to be wired in, usually by an electrician, which certainly put me off bothering to buy one”.

It was this observation which led inventor Naiem Dakri to create a product which could be fitted to the existing light switch on the wall without the need for any rewiring.

The battery-operated “Light Switch Timer” can be used in any living space which gives off the most light, deterring would-be intruders.  It works by sliding a cradle over the wall light switch, into which is slotted the control unit, making it ready to operate in seconds.  It includes program on and off times for different days, to suit the individual’s lifestyle.

The winner of the Innovation of the Year Award will be a small business or individual that has created and successfully brought to market a product or service exploiting a gap in the market

Proud Sponsors of the MET Police: Operation Bumblebee

This year, Switched on Products will be sponsoring the anti-burglary initiative, helping to fund the production of half a million leaflets that will be given out during street visits, on police ward stands and in shopping centres and transport hubs. In this way, the firm hopes to improve the lives of Londoners by giving them the information they need to keep their homes safe.

Autumn and winter typically see a rise in the burglary rate across the UK as thieves take advantage of the long hours of darkness.

Luckily, the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) has a plan to help people keep their homes secure, which should help them avoid falling victim to a break-in this winter. They are rolling out a programme called “Clocks, Locks and Lights” – which has seen successful before – in six boroughs across North London.

Clocks, Locks and Lights is part of the Met’s wider programme: Operation Bumblebee. With these initiatives, it is hoped that the threat of burglary during the winter months can be reduced and people throughout the capital can feel safer in their homes.