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Switched On Products Sponsors Met Police Anti Burglary Campaign

As we prepare for the onset of autumn and the longer nights the Metropolitan Police once again launch their anti-burglary campaign to promote the crime prevention message to help keep residents safe.

After the success of “Do your part, be security smart” campaign last year, the Metropolitan Police is expanding the campaign to cover six North London boroughs in an attempt to reduce burglaries in the area and switched on Products is again Proud to be sponsoring the campaign and the anti-burglary message.

The campaign is timed in preparation for the clocks going back on the On 25th October 2015, meaning shorter days and longer nights, and with it an increase in burglary rates as criminals get more time under the hours of darkness.

This year’s campaign sees Metropolitan Police print half a million leaflets to help educate the public to take steps to prevent themselves becoming victim of break-ins by giving extra tips to keep their home safe and secure during the winter.
Managing Director Naiem Dakri said: “When asked if we would like to sponsor the local Metropolitan Police service anti-burglary initiative for a second year we didn’t hesitate to offer our support. The campaign is a great way to educate the public and help residents avoid becoming victims of burglary. It also supports our commitment to raising the level of security around the home for our customers.”

The initiative was brought into effect in 2014 in the borough of Barnet, and its success has meant it will now be widened to include Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Camden and Islington as well. The week beginning October 12th will see an increased police presence, with 500 police officers visiting around 200 streets in each of the boroughs.

Clocks Locks and Lights will involve a leafletting campaign, with residents in the various boroughs being given flyers informing them of the steps they can take to improve their security. These included security timer switches, security lights, locks and alarms, as well as other tips for a safer winter.

Leaflet sponsors Switched on products is sponsoring the initiative, helping to fund the production of half a million leaflets which will be given out during street visits, on police ward stands and in shopping centres and transport hubs.
Clocks, Locks and Lights is part of the Met’s wider programme: Operation Bumblebee. With these initiatives, it is hoped that the threat of burglary during the winter months can be reduced and people throughout the capital can feel safer in their homes.

Do your part, be security smart

Do your part, be security smart

Heatwave Hitting The UK

The highly aniticpated heatwave hitting the UK is being welcomed by many but how do you stay comfortable when the heat starts to climb?

When the sun comes out everybody’s attentions are focused purely on making the most out of summer as we like to enjoy the moment to its fullest. That includes fresh lemonade and ice cream or a day out in the parks, for some a nice pleasant afternoon in the outdoors with a book is more than enough to keep us relaxed and enjoying the weather to its most. Whilst having all this fun we sometimes overlook simple ideas that can make us slightly more comfortable when the heat begins to rise. Here are a few simple ideas which can sometimes be overlooked.

Don’t be afraid to get a little wet! According to Cambridge University physicist Lisa Jardine-Wright ‘the most obvious way to cool down is to dampen your clothes’. The natural process of your body allows the body to cool. When water changes from its natural liquid state to a gas, a source of heat energy is required to cause evaporation. This energy comes from within the body to cause a cooling effect on the skin as a result cooling the skin. So encourage your children to have a water fight and it might not be too farfetched to picture yourself joining in. “When I was cycling in France it was more than 40C and I soaked my T-shirt in water before I went out. But that’s a bit extreme,” Jardine-Wright adds. “Anything that involves evaporation is going to take the heat away from you.”

We all dream of diving head first into an outdoor swimming pool when the sun is scorching over our heads but sometimes it’s not always possible, so what can we do? To throw your hands into a bucket of cold water is the closest alternative. According to Mike Tipton, professor of human physiology at the University of Portsmouth the sudden change in temperature will help cool you down; but why your hands? He goes on to explain that when the core body temperature rises blood is sent directly to the surface. “Your hands have a high surface area – it’s like you have five radiators sticking out of your palm,” says Tipton. “As soon as the deep body temperature returns to normal, it slows the blood flow to your hands and you’ll feel cool.”

Circulating cool air is always important. We often use fans in the room or open our windows and doors to let in the fresh breeze and cool down our homes, but why not make use of them both? A fan in the centre of a room simply moves around the air which on a hot summer’s day is obviously warm. It does help cool you down as your sweat evaporates but there’s a better method says Jardine Wright. It’s much more effective to leave a fan next to an open window. This helps to circulate cool air from outside and bring it into the building. “You’re taking the cooler air from the outside and propelling it inside,” she says. “If there are no windows or doors open you’re just circulating the hot air.”

When the heat is sometimes too much the thought of a nice cold shower can be an entertaining thought but this does not have the desired effect we wanted and bring our body temperature down. Our bodies naturally react to sudden dramatic changes to temperature, so in the event you jump under a freezing shower the bodies is inclined to preserve its heat. “If I’m hot and I go under a cold shower, I’ll shut down the blood flow to the skin and trap the heat inside me rather than let it escape,” says Tipton. “It’s better to have a warmer shower that is cool enough to lower the deep body temperature but is warm enough to allow the blood to the surface of the skin.”

Finally if you chose to go away for a few days and enjoy the sun then don’t forget to read our article on home security tips and our award winning light switch timer.


Light Switch Timer Takes Gold

Switched on Products took the Gold Award for Best New Security Product at this year’s Totally DIY show with its revolutionary security device, impressing the judges with its ease of installation and simplicity.

Best Security Product

Gold Award – Switched On Products Ltd – Light Switch Timer

Judges included buyers from the biggest DIY retailers, representives  from the UK’s high street hardware retailers .

Exhibitors gathered at the end of the first day at the Totally Shows to hear which products the judges had chosen for this year’s ‘Best New Product’ Awards.  Steve Collinge, managing director of Insight DIY, which sponsored this event and the shows’ New Product Showcase area made the announcement.

Judges commented

Most people are familiar with timer plugs and many use them to turn lamps on and off whilst they are away to deter would be intruders. Now forthe first time home owners can program and control any existing light switch in the house in seconds.

More details can be found on our security Light timer here

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The inspiration starts…with a visit to Grand Designs Live

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Grand Designs Live returns to Excel London from 3 – 11 May 2013.  Presented by design guru Kevin McCloud, and based on the hugely popular Channel 4 series, the show offers visitors a unique opportunity to see all the latest trends for the home.

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Gadget Show Live

Light Switch Timer are pleased to be returning to the Gadget show Live.

Come by and say hello we are at stand L26 – We will be offering a special Show Discount so do coma and say hello.


Light Switch Timer Gains Police Accreditation

Light switch timer gains Police Secure by Design accreditation.

Secure by Design timer

Secure By Design Police Approved Timer

“Light Switch Timer is the first timed lighting device to be accredited to Secured by Design, impressing us with both with its innovation and ease of use.”


Alan McInnes, General Manager, ACPO SBD

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and product

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’


Gaining Police Preferred Specification for the Light Switch Timer

“All products which receive our Secured by Design award must pass a rigorous evaluation of quality and effectiveness.  Light Switch Timer was the first timed lighting device to achieve accredited status.”

“We’re delighted to be the first timed lighting product to gain the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification”, says director Naiem Dakri.  “It shows that there was a real need for such a product and demonstrates its high quality and capabilities”

“Gaining SBD approval for Light Switch Timer” is a significant achievement, displaying our commitment to safety and reassuring customers that the product lives up to its claims about raising the level of security for your home”

Secured by Design accredited products, have to undergo rigorous evaluation in order to prove their ability to reduce or prevent crime.

About Alan McInnes, General Manager, ACPO SBD – Following service with Sussex Police Alan became Director and General Manager of ACPO Crime Prevention Initiatives in 2006. He was one of the original authors of the Secured by Design project in 1989 and took it to national status in 1992.

View original Police press release

Light Switch Timer Launch

The Light switch Timer was launched at this years Gadget show live.  We were also at this years Ideal Home Show.

Gadget Show

Ideal Home Show

British Gas Connected Homes Group

On September 26th, British Gas Connected Homes Group hosted a pitch event & showcase for 25 start ups from around the world with innovative products or services in the home energy sector.

Light Switch Timer was selected to showcase our new product to the panel of industry experts which include Baroness Martha Lane-Fox of Soho; businesswomen; philanthropist and member of the House of Lords.

Light Switch Timer Martha Lane-FoxFor more information on the British Gas Connected Homes Group and to view the other brilliant products featured in the event Click Here