Wiring a timer switch – No neutralwire

Automatic light switch timers are traditionally wired into the mains lighting circuit.  However many of the homes in the UK do not have a neutral wire available at the switch.

So how do wire a timer which requires a neutral wire and how do they work and why do you need a neutral wire for a timer switch in the first place.


Competent DIY’ers this often posed a problem as the timer switches often require a neutral wire to work.  Using timer switches with energy saving bulbs also required the additional wiring of a capacitor to ensure correct operation with energy saving bulbs.

Light Switch Timer no wiring needed

Now however, a new security timed lighting solution has been launched onto the UK market, which involves no wiring whatsoever.

Light Switch Timer is a model which simply slides over an existing wall light switch meaning you do not need to change your switches at all.

The battery-run model is the first of its kind in the UK, claiming to reduce energy costs by programming precisely when the main lights should be switched on or off, on any given day.

This automatic light timer is exceptionally flexible and can operate on all standard, single, double or triple gang light switches and with all light bulbs, including LEDs and CFLs, making it the most versatile indoor lighting security solution currently available.

Light Switch Timer is suitable for any room but is most effective in hallways, porches and bedrooms, to give the realistic impression that someone is home. The product can be quickly installed and used by people of any age and ability. The ultimate burglar deterrent, it acts as an effective smokescreen, allowing would-be burglars to be deceived into thinking that the home is constantly occupied – a strategy recommended by both police and security experts.

Prices for traditional automatic light switches vary, from the very cheap to the relatively expensive. However, the unique Light Switch Timer has been competitively priced for the mid-market, claiming to offer both high quality and exceptional value for money, with the added flexibility of being able to move it around the home as required.

Available online and in stores across the UK, the Light Switch Timer is claimed to be the first of its kind, in this new generation of security lighting. The product is sold by UK company, Switched-On Products, which is based in Essex.

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