About the MyDome Light Switch Timer

The Light Switch Timer - The easiest way to realistically light your home during the evenings whether you are out with friends, away on holiday, working late or just want to come home to a welcoming light. Helping you keep your home safe.

Easy DIY installation in 1 minute

Absolutely no wiring is required at all

Works on any type of light bulb

Can be used to control 1, 2 or 3 gang switches

Long battery life - Upto 2 years of daily use

Never Leave your home in the dark again.

The Light Switch Timer simply fits over any standard 1,2 or 3 gang light Switch allowing you to programme your main lights to turn On and Off multiple times a day.

There is no wiring involved and you do not need to change your existing switch. The timer simply sits over your light switch and takes less than a minute to install. There is a 30 second video at the bottom of the page.

It's always nice to come home to a welcoming light on in the house and nobody wants to come home after a fantastic holiday or a great night out to find their home has been broken into.

You can still operates the lights when you are home using the on and off buttons meaning you can leave the unit in place all winter and never have to worry about your lights when you get back after dark.

Added Security

The Light Switch Timer is approved & recommended by The Police through their Secured by Design crime prevention initiative – in recognition of its effectiveness and ability to reduce the risk of burglary.

Burglars often use the tell tale sign of a lamp on a timer as a sign that you may be out or on holiday. The Light Switch Timer is more realistic as it uses the main lights in your home. It can also be used for external security lighting, or on the porch as a welcoming light when you get.

Programs and Usage Explained

The 24-Hour, 7-Day Digital Timer enables you to program your lights to switch on/off at specified times, over individual days or across a combination of days.

You can set up to 9 different program combinations allowing you to recreate usual activity in the home whilst you’re away.

A random feature – which will turn the lights on and off for a short period at random times during the early hours of the morning.

The unit can be installed on switches with one, two or three switches (gangs as they are called). It even allows you to select which of the switches you want to operate on the timer by simply installing or removing the control wheels at the rear of the unit.

Reducing your energy bills

Programming your lights to only come on when required can also save you money. Not leaving lights on when not required will help the environment too.

Remember burglars don't have day jobs - Leaving a visible light on during the day alerts that you are out and won’t be back till late.

Leaving your lights on during the winter months and running just one 100 watt bulb for 7 hours a day with electricity prices at 11p per kWh would cost over £14 pounds. And produce over 50KG of CO2 Emissions in one year!

100% Happy Guarantee

Our automatic lighting timer switch is built to last, using high quality materials. All our products are vigorously tested to ensure reliability and come with the Switched-On Products guarantee. We are so confident that you will like our new Light Switch Timer we offer a 100% Happy Guarantee.

This means if you not completely satisfied with the Light Switch Timer simply return it to us for a full refund.
Even after you’ve opened the packaging - as otherwise how would you know, how great it is?

We will even cover the return postage costs.

When The Clocks Go Back Burglaries Increase by 38%

Invest in a Light Switch Timer for added security and peace of mind and never return to a dark home again.

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  • Q: Will it work with my light switch?

    A: The Light Switch Timer has been tested on all “standard” light switches.

    If your light switch is similar to ones below then you will be able to control them with our Light Switch Timer.

    Compatible with single, double and triple standard switches

    The Light Switch Timer is not compatible with:

    • Large Brass switches Ornamental switches larger then 9cm across
    • Flat plat or low profile switches
    • Dimmer switches

    The Dimensions are Height 130mm * Width 95mm * Depth 53mm

  • Q: Can I choose which switches the unit controls?

    A: Yes on double or triple gang switches you can place either one or two or three control wheels on the switches you want to operate. So you can choose to only operate one switch on a three gang switch.

  • Q: Do I need to know about wiring to install the Light Switch Timer?

    A: You will not be accessing or exposing any wiring during the installation process – it is however, always a good precaution before attempting any installation to turn off the electricity supply at the main fuse box during installation of the cradle.

  • Q: I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks – can I use the Light Switch Timer?

    A: First check the wheels go up & down when the on off button is pressed.

    Ensure the wheel is installed in the correct slot for the switch you want to operate.

    After you have checked the above you may need to install the small the “n” shaped plastic insert into the cradle before reinstalling.

    The unit should now successfully operate your switch.

    Should you still have trouble just get in touch.

Customer Reviews

Great little machine this. Easy to program, many program options and easy to fit (no wiring to mess with). Enables you to time light switches to come on and go off.

Reviewed on Amazon

Such a great product. So easy to install and use. We use it daily, had mine installed for the past 6 months and it has worked flawlessly.

Reviewed on Amazon

This timer is easy to fit and reasonably easy to program. The instructions are written in good English (not a foreign translation) and take you step by step through the programming sequence.

83 reviews for Light Switch Timer

  1. KnightV

    Good points: Good quality product, Very easy to install, multiple on off times possible. There are buttons for manual on and off so tou can just keep it installed if you want.

    Not so good points: bit larger then i expected, motor slight noisy when it switches on or off, needs resets now and then.

    Usage tips: if planning to use while away suggest you check display for the days of week and am/pm times.

    Overall good and useful product.

  2. happy buyer

    Purchased light switch timer (LST) to solve a particular problem.I had a PIR light in outdoor passageway, however also had boiler flue in passageway.The products of combustion were constantly triggering PIR. Changed to switched bulk head light controlled by LST, problem solved.However it has the advantage of being able to move LTS to another location in minutes.Very versatile product.

  3. lara

    Great product , would be 5 stars except it needs more spacers supplied to work with my light switches so I had to make some more of may own, they just need to supply a few more or a selection of thicknesses. Prompt reply to email from inventor. If battery life is as great as quoted this is a great design overall and works with all bulb types.

  4. Dave

    Really good design to retrofit on a lightswitch, not the sexiest thing to have on the wall, but definitely functional and does what it says. A new light and wiring was an option, but this is a great easy option, very easy to fit and use/programme.

  5. John

    A bit bulky, but it does the job. Note that if you are using it on a dual or triple switch then you can select which switches are controlled by this by adding/removing wheels. However all selected switches will operate on the same timers. Any switch not selected will not turn on or off with device and the only way to operate these unused switches is to remove the unit. Removing the unit is no hardship and for us the particular set of switches are rarely used so it isn’t a big deal. However I can imagine it could become annoying if this timer is used on an often used switch and you have to keep removing the unit to get at switches not on the timer.

    It would get 5 stars if switches could be on individual timers and if switches could be individually triggered without removing the unit.

  6. Tim Gardner

    This is a really clever solution to a regular problem. The timers are a bit tricky to setup I found but they reward the effort. Because they are battery operated they are not affected by powercuts so are better than the socket timers of old. If you’re away from home a lot you should have 2 or 3 of these

  7. P.T.Dawson

    Does just as discribed. It did not fit in the place i wanted but I’m sure this is an isolated problem as the switch is now installed and working perfectly.

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