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Create the impression your sitting at home watching TV to deter burglars. This little box simulates the changing light patterns from a 32 TV – the perfect complement to the Light switch timer.

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The Perfect complement to the lights turning on and off to make the home look occupied.

Realistic TV Simulation for Home Security

This device accurately recreates the affect of you watching television in your home – It simulates  scene changes, fades, and on-screen motion. The super-bright 12 LEDs fill a room with light in thousands of shades of colour. The unit has a a large lens for optimal diffusion of light

From the outside – It will appears as though a TV is on and therefore the house looks occupied, even when you’re away.  Most burglars do not target occupied homes, so this home security TV helps prevent break-ins.

Low energy Usage – Consumes just the power of a night light.

Built-in Light Sensor

When the ambient light level drops (at dusk), the built-in light sensor automatically turns on the device,  you can select the time it rmains on for before it switches back to stand by mode.

Different Settings

This TV screen simulator supports three settings. You can have the lights run all day and night, or you can use the built-in light sensor for more natural simulation in the mode of 2, 4 or 6 hours at dusk.

Item Size: 80x70x60mm (L x W x D)


1. Aim the light at a translucent shade or window.
2. Make sure the home security TV cannot be seen from the outside.

Package Contents:

1 × Home Security TV
1 × 9V AC Adapter
1 × User Manual

TV Simulator

44 reviews for TV Simulator

  1. jennym


  2. Mrs. Carol Kelly

    Works really well. Very life like. Had to keep curtains open for it to be seen from the street though

  3. Dr H van Griensven

    As other reviewers have mentioned, this product does exactly what it says. Small format makes it easy to place. Useful timer settings, but in the summer we use the light switch timer more: the TV would not turn off until quite late.

  4. Lee Rudd

    Having heard of one of these I was defiantly interested in checking it out.

    It is a small little box which can be mounted to a wall or simply sit on a table. Perhaps by the actual TV

    So it requires mains power and this I supplied with a sturdy 3 pin uk plug.

    The light show is iratic and flashy very much like a TV. You would certainly assume that someone was watching if you were to see the flashing of lights through the window.

    Low energy consumption.

    Can recommend

  5. Neil M


  6. DC

    Excellent product
    works even better when paired with a 24hr timer

  7. regular visitor

    It looks quite good when viewed from outside.

  8. Mariano

    It works very well, but it takes some time to start working after dusk.

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