The winter burglary season is once again here.
The clocks have gone back, halloween been and gone, Bonfire Night and christmas round the corner
Burglaries and malicious domestic damage increases by 160 per cent during this time with – with Bonfire Night statistically the worst night of the year for burglaries and car theft, research has shown.
Think about it, the dark nights, fancy dress costumes, noise big bangs, highlighting the the importance of keeping your home protected.
This is probably why so many people are buying sime timer switches for thie lights when they are away.
winter burglary
Guy Fawkes Night or as majority of Britain know it Bonfire Night is celebrated every year on November 5th dating back to 1605, when a plot to blow up King James I along with his ministers and Westminster Abbey by gunpowder was uncovered.
Guy Fawkes and his co conspirators were all arrested and executed but this day became a National Fireworks day since than, celebrated by fireworks in back gardens or local parks by boroughs.
Bonfire night and Halloween make it busiest period of the year for Police, with increase in complaints and reported burglaries, Police issue extra warning during this period for staying safe and avoiding potential break-ins.
Thier advice is to keep lights on when leaving the home to give an impression that someone is home to avoid any mishap. Leaving lights on all day may sound like an easy solution but other then the waste in energy a visible light to a burglar during the day is a clear sign you’re out.
To reduce the risk of burglary take a look at our burglary avoidance tips.

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